Who is Dara Natura?

Dara Natura is a young company, selling ecological and biological products. We would like to offer you taste of nature.
Man and nature should be one: inseparable. But due to our fast-moving city life, the distance between man and nature is increasing. Our daily lunch bags are filled with food additives like flavour enhancers, dyes, emulsions, and countless others. Slowly we are forgetting the true tastes of nature.
We would like you to taste the nature the way it was intended, without any additives.

What is Dara Natura Doing?

Dara Natura works together with suppliers and farmers in multiple Balkan countries, mainly those in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Macedonia. Our cooperation stimulates village development in these countries. Therefore beautiful mountain villages in these countries continue to exist, encouraging more young people to stay home and work as farmers.

Nature is wealth, and we would like to share it with you.


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